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Bob Mascarella

My story

My passion...

Originally from Louisiana, I now call North Carolina home. Inspiration comes from the quaint surroundings in our small town. I have long had an interest in working with wood and started turning about seven years ago. I was hooked as soon as I saw the wood come alive, uncovering the hidden treasures below the surface. I enjoy working native species and giving the wood new life so close to home. My passion is bowl turning as this allows for the most freedom and creativity. Rarely starting from a known design, I would rather let the wood do the talking and allow the design to "appear". I continually look for unique opportunities to share my passion with others and enjoy passing on the "bug" to new turners.

The process...

For me, woodturning is a two stage process. First, the turner must find the right wood. This step is akin to a scavenger hunt. A maple downed in a storm, a cherry from a construction site, it all has a new life on the lathe. I look for the potential of something special. Does the wood contain some hidden jewel like spalting (internal fungi) or some natural feature like curl or feathering? It is all an exciting mystery only revealed as I begin the second part of the process... the actual turning. I rarely consider a design before I see the raw blank. The blank dictates the shape by revealing features as the wood is removed. For most of the bowls I turn, I prefer classical forms. I seem to regularly channel Grecian, Roman, or Egyptian as I work the wood. As the chips fly, my focus is on smooth lines and pleasing features.


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